Plot of Land with Planning Permission for Sale Taormina

Sicily, province of Messina – Roccalumera, few km from Taormina, plot of land in a strategic position for sale. The lot in question lends itself to multiple commercial and residential developments, of which 3 main hypotheses are reported. Private negotiation.


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Building a shopping center is the project that could provide the best financial performances. The land, with its nearly 2 hectares of building land, enjoys a qualifying centrality being well-linked to the surrounding towns in a potential hypothesis of overall development of commercial area of about 6 hectares provided with a wonderful seaside view.

In the project proposed, the shopping center structure appears environmentally integrated with the surrounding land while the main brands are visible both from the municipal road and from the nearby A18 motorway.

In addition to the roofed and basement floor car parks, there is the possibility of acquiring a smaller land just across the street where, taking advantage of the slight slope of the land, it is possible to build an additional three-level car park realizing very little infrastructures.

There is also the possibility to improve even more the connection with the motorway access by building a road exploiting and connecting sections of existing roads that would allow the connection time with the motorway to be taken to about two minutes, avoiding the crossing of the central inhabited area. An advanced preliminary of this project of connection route is available.

Building a shopping center in this area would respond to the needs of the community of Roccalumera and of all the little towns around that do not have one and where people are often forced to move to big cities in order to meet their needs. Moreover, it could target also:

  • people coming from Taormina and Messina areas that are only a few minutes from Roccalumera being well-linked through the motorway;
  • the tourists flow that is highly present in the region starting from the months of March/April and until the months of October / November thanks to the favorable climate of Sicily.



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The project proposed is set on 5,000 square meters of building land and was already approved. It foresees the construction of 6 commercial units with access from the public road and 6 housing units above (each one can be split in two family units) with a private garden and an independent entrance from the private road behind.

This project identifies as target customers the merchants who could be attracted by the possibility of living next to their business activity, promoting a better integration between work and family, and thus improving the quality of life. This solution would in fact allow the elimination of the time and costs of travels between home and work, which would provide an economic and time savings and, last but not least, savings also in terms of environmental impact.

In addition, there is the possibility to expand the project buying a piece of land across the street where to realize a small shopping center that can include primary services and additional complementary commercial activities in order to attract much more customers and visitors in the area.

As for the commercial project, also in this case the community would be given the opportunity to take advantage of commercial activities and services that are lacking in the area.



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The project proposed foresees the construction of 26 houses, each one split in 2 family units enjoying private garden, private entrance, beautiful seaside view and good connection with the surrounding area. A plus of this project is that it could be carried out gradually: financing the construction of subsequent housing units through the sale of the first ones.

This residential project could became even more attractive building a  kindergarten (of which the Municipality is lacking) in the area intended to be for secondary Urbanization (the green one on the drafts). It could be realized with both private and public financing (which could possibly be found with Public Private Partnership agreements).

The green area in front of the kindergarten, if properly equipped, would provide recreational and socializing spaces for users of all ages (including children of all ages, adolescents, parents and grandparents). There is an advanced preliminary of this kindergarten specifically designed for this context.

This would highly attract young couples and families.

The elements that make homes easily salable currently consist of:

  • Recognized cooperative with a specific financing decree for the first 18 housing units
  • Location of the land close to Roccalumera center but in an area that would maintain many elements of greenery and airiness
  • Possible construction of an attraction center such as a kindergarten for which an advanced preliminary already exists which would greatly increase the appeal of homes
  • Mortgage rates currently very favorable



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Located 33 km from Messina, 11 km north of Taormina, 65 km north of Catania and 260 km south-east of Palermo. It extends over 4.3 km of beaches (blue flag 2020 for the fourth consecutive season), with a hilly area behind it where citrus groves, olive groves, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub grow.


Hill town on the east coast of Sicily, with paths leading to the summit of the Etna Volcano. Known for the ancient Greek-Roman theater still in operation today and the characteristic cliffs that lead down to the sea, forming inlets with sandy beaches. A narrow strip of sand connects to the Isola Bella nature reserve.


Seaside town in the province of Messina, Linked to the figure of Salvatore Quasimodo, Nobel Prize for Literature 1959, where he was born and buried. Quasimodo was particularly attached to the town, dedicating to her the poem Near to a Saracen Tower for his dead brother, reproduced on a marble plaque placed at the base of the tower.


Sixth airport in Italy for passenger traffic, the second in Southern Italy and the second in Italy for national traffic. Furthermore, the Catania-Rome section is the busiest nationally and the fourth in Europe. On 23 December 2019 it exceeds 10 million passengers.


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